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The Battle between Fast Fashion and Circular Fashion

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“Rethinking Fashion: Fast Fashion’s Quick Gains vs. Circular Fashion’s Slow Revolution – Unveiling the Industry’s Eco-Conscious Dilemma”

Fast fashion has undeniably been the primary global source for clothing acquisition, known for its swift distribution and often rapid production processes. In contrast, circular fashion exhibits a somewhat slower production pace, attributed to the meticulous sourcing of materials to ensure eco-friendliness. Being conscientious about sustainable practices alone is time-consuming and can potentially be cost-intensive, depending on the specific focus of a company.

In the dynamic landscape of the fashion industry, both fast fashion and circular fashion present arguable pros and cons. It’s crucial to acknowledge that there’s no definitive right or wrong approach, as each fashion organization operates based on its unique goals and established structures. However, when considering the broader goal of fostering a positive and eco-friendly society, certain factors come into play.

Megas Clothing Co., Ltd, as a champion of sustainable fashion, asserts that the burgeoning circular fashion sector deserves significant attention and support. This advocacy is rooted in several compelling reasons:

  1. Research Purposes: Investing in circular fashion facilitates valuable research endeavors, contributing to the development and enhancement of sustainable practices.
  2. Faster Production: While circular fashion may seem slower due to meticulous material sourcing, supporting it can lead to the implementation of faster and more efficient production processes over time.
  3. Sustainable Machinery: Funding circular fashion allows for the integration of sustainable machines, aiding in scaling up techniques that align with environmentally conscious practices.
  4. Encouraging Upcycling and Recycling: Circular fashion emphasizes the importance of upcycling and recycling, contributing to the reduction of environmental impact and fostering a more sustainable approach to fashion.

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We can employ good expertise that would utilize such initiatives via Upcycle and research deeply to review more potentials from this.

Megas Clothing believe all these are some practices that we should adapt, the fast fashion industry won’t see what hit them when the customers get the awareness and clarity that sustainable fashion is the way to go for long-term positive impact to the society as it does supports cultural values not to fade off overtime by the world of fast fashion.

By channeling resources towards these aspects, Megas Clothing Co., Ltd believes in contributing to a fashion industry that not only meets business objectives but also aligns with the principles of environmental responsibility and positive societal impact for generations to come.

It is not a competition but a legacy we can build all the way from Lagos, Nigeria – Africa.

This article was inspired by LagosxParis event hosted on the 17th of November 2023 at Alliance Française de Lagos, Nigeria. Megas Clothing Co., Ltd was represented by Somto A.I our creative director.

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