Sustainability by Fashion Companies

Sad truth of sustainability by fashion companies

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Sustainability in fashion deals with the way fashion industry follows up with processes like; management, fabric manufacturers, product distribution, quality designs/products, helping to reduce waste and pollution to the environment on the long-run.

This is because we mostly purchase fast fashion and disregard the damages it causes due to it’s trendy nature. We care less most times about quality products and think about quickly adapting on the latest outfits trends and lifestyle alone.

• Most synthetic fabrics
• Incorrect sizes that causes more product returns
• Unauthorized manufacturers that creates replicas of original clothing products

The above listed are some of the issues that makes sustainability in durability, distribution, and manufacturing of clothing locally and globally harder to implement.

Way to go?

Mégas Clothing Co. Ltd is a sustainable fashion company where every process is intentional; from sourcing of fabrics, production, packaging, management, and care guides on how to dispose our products when its no longer in use with the aim to foster up-cycling.

Sustainable fashion require using quality materials that are durable, used to future-proof your wardrobe (more like a priceless collection) and can also be sold as preowned clothing/products. Creating value for the company, customers and the environment at large.

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Solution by Mégas Clothing

We intend to use the Demand driven material requirement planning (DDMRP). This supply chain management methodology helps to control the demand from customers, improves the inventory management, slightly reduces lead time, increases customer services and brand awareness.

This would help other prospective brand /company in Nigeria and globally adapt go a more sustainable fashion as it will be an inevitable plan for all fashion companies/ clothing brand internationally via considering long term, environment-wise, and customers satisfaction.

~With love Mégas Clothing Co. Ltd

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