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About Us

Megas was coined out from the Greek word “μέγας” which means great things, beautiful works, a conspicuous favor, or (subjectively) perfection.

The journey is to explore all soothing outfits if you want to future-proof your wardrobe, it’s preferable to only dabble in trendy clothes and then spend big on pieces that will last and that’s where we will come into play. Megas Clothing Company HQ is located in Lagos, Nigeria, and will have numerous branches and affiliates for futuristic purposes.

Dresses are not the only items that can be considered fashionable. Fashion is everywhere in the sky, on the street and it has to do with our beliefs, our way of life, and current events. Trends emerge in the world of fashion and go away over time, fashion is all about looks, and designers are constantly seeking new sources of innovation. 

The first rule of the casual dress right now is that there are no rules. You can literally wear what you want and be considered ‘casual’, but therein lies the problem. There is no direction, no predefined set of rules so it is preferred to find a way of dressing that’s easy and effortless. Megas Clothing Company is focused on accommodating clothing culture with no Age/Sex exception. The main goal is to be an authentic brand that delivers to every client’s needs.

Casual style is dominated by trends, from high street to high end. Whilst this is all well and good, the very nature of trending clothes ensures that they would fall out of favor soon enough.

Our relationship with nature 

One can revitalize their soul by spending time in nature, nature is filled with lovely hues, forms, textures, and patterns. Design is given a new perspective by drawing inspiration from nature. The very act of dressing is an artwork drawn by nature and our undeniable respect to rejuvenating that energy into our clothing. 

We care ♻️

All our fabrics are sourced from the best manufacturing textile companies, which ensures 95% of all our clothing can be easily recycled. With an aim to reduce waste in the environment and greenhouse gases’ environmental and health effects.

Charity and making the world a better place ❤️

7% of our annual revenue will be donated to charity and the less privileged to enhance society for better living. Our company is looking for ways in enriching lives and ensuring that the world becomes a greater place to live in.


The personnel that patronize Megas are referred to as Associates because we intend to have a great relationship going ahead and eventually forming a partnership.